America’s Mood Map

Ever felt like your personality was better suited for another state? Maybe it is! In the following study which took 13 years to complete, figured out which personality types each of America’s 50 states fell into. Now you can take a 10 question test to find out which of those states suit you best. So if you feel like you’re just too creative and friendly to live in NY, take the test and find out where you truly belong.

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Power and Pronouns

Have you heard that the frequent use of ‘I’ indicates narcissism?  It’s a common misconception rebuffed in recent studies conducted at the University of Texas at Austin by James W. Pennebaker.  Pennebaker found through behavioral experiments and Twitter analysis that the use of ‘I’ can denote duplicity and a sense of inferiority.  Those who used ‘we’ more often in the experiments tended to have the power in the relationships.

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– Sandra