The war on men

Some thoughts about this. This is the kind of article which explains why it is so hard for women to even begin to fight the bias which exists in society today. How are you supposed to fight for a certain demographic if members of that group don’t support your cause and if anything work to fight against it. You may never find a member of certain race who is racist but it is far from difficult to find a woman who is sexist. Maybe this can be attributed to gender ideals in past years but whatever it is there are always going to be those women out there who say things like women used to have a pedestal of their own but were convinced by feminists that they didn’t.

Something this article reminds me of is this story I heard on the radio a while back. The story was talking about how Sweden was banning the use of baby pictures used to advertise for baby formula because they wanted to encourage more women to stop using baby- formula and go the natural route. This is another one of those instances where the government, men and pretty much everyone seems to think they have the right to tell women what to do. And when exactly did this become OK? When women started fighting for equality it brought women’s rights into a social platform and so automatically people decided everything concerning women was an issue that could be discussed and decided on a level higher than the woman herself? This goes perfectly with the whole birth control being over the counter debate. When did these become women’s issues? I saw a campaign for an independent party candidate during the presidential election who’s tagline was something along the lines of if women were running these debates we would be debating equal pay not birth control.

There you have it.