Happy Valentine’s Day

So here is a series of articles to celebrate the day of love:

>>A Valentine’s Day Gift to Save a Marriage <<

While most of the people in my life are not married and neither am I, I found this article to be useful and interesting. Conflicts in relationships are probably the most complicated kind of conflict to deal with and it’s interesting to see the kind of homework you can do to potentially save your relationship. While I think it’s hard to quantify things like happiness in a relationship, it is interesting to see how the study performed in this article found that couples who actively worked towards managing their conflict(according to the way outlined in said article) were across the board more satisfied in their relationships. Have a look!

>>Guppies Use Ugly Friends to Seem More Attractive<<

Here’s a tactic that’s not unheard of in the human world as well. But then again who knows how guppie personalities work. Looks may be all they have to go by.

>>The Science of Romance<<

This is probably one of the best articles I’ve ever read. Again I think it’s interesting that these studied try to quantify things like attraction and romance, which are generally idea we don’t think about in a quantitative manner. Here are a few highlights:

– The clash between biology and romance. How our biological instincts drive our attraction and ultimately control the way we fall in love.

-To truly be attracted to someone you must be attracted to their scent

-There are certain hormones found in a partner’s saliva that may help us determine whether we are biologically compatible with a potential mate

-The birth control pill may distort the amount of attraction a woman feels to her partner