Medicating Women’s Feelings

I think both guys and girls can agree that this notion of girls being termed as ‘crazy’ is a fairly common thing. On this my co-blogger once presented me with a radical idea: what if girls aren’t crazy at all,but really just acting out our natural biological impulses and the only reason we are classified as ‘crazy’ when we do this is because its the guys who are doing the classification?!

This article expands upon this idea and says “Women’s emotionality is a sign of health” as “By evolutionary design, we are hard-wired to be sensitive to our environments, empathetic to our children’s needs and intuitive of our partners’ intentions.”

>>Medicating Women’s Feelings<<


Exhaustion is not a status symbol

An interview from an author who has produced some excellent TED talks. I personally liked what she said around perfectionism (how you will never find CEO’s or elite athletes attribute their success to perfectionism because perfectionism is not motivated internally. For true success you have to accept that there will be times when you win and times when you lose).

Another interesting point she mentioned was around always needing to be productive and not being able to measure self-worth without productivity. I know I have personally felt the pressure to always be busy. If you’re not always busy completing tasks, meeting people and doing activities then how can you really measure your life right?But maybe its the lack of time in between doing all those things that makes us feel stressed and just generally lost. Maybe this notion of being always busy has left us unable to cope with everything that we are left with when we are not.

>> Exhaustion is not a status symbol <<