Tough Competition

Have you ever wondered what truly drives competition and performance? As someone who is innately competitive and is constantly surrounded by competitive people, I can attest to the fact that there are various types of competitiveness. While some people are driven by the need to prove themselves,and want to come out the winner, other people use their peers as more of a measuring stick. In this case, competition becomes less about winning and more about matching up. Either way I think this article proves how many factors are involved in how someone perceives competition. From pre-existing stereotypes to the way a task is phrased, each little factor can determine how well a person fares in a competitive environment. 

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It’s Getting Hot in Here

So apparently the temperature in Australia is so high right now that gasoline evaporates before you can even pump it.  Due to reaching new peak temperatures like 129 degree Fahrenheit  the meteorologists in Australia had to create a new measure of heat just to accurately display the weather there. 

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Revolutionize Textual Communication

How often has a concise email been interpreted as terse?  When was the last time your subtle irony was interpreted as wildly inappropriate and anti-PC?  From the “I’m Not Angry” mark to the sarcastises, here are some punctuation marks that would really smooth the treacherous terrains of digital communication:

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– Sandra

Political Attraction

>> I Love Your Ballot, Baby: Members of Your Own Political Party Are More Beautiful <<

We’ve all been there – we’re hanging out in an otherwise innocuous group, and, suddenly, someone drops the politics card.  And then it all goes INSANE.  Tensions run high, thinly veiled insults are thrown like gang signs in south central LA, friendships are dissolved, etc.  Well, apparently political leanings don’t just influence your views; it can even make potential love interests more or less attractive!  A study conducted by a political economist at Stanford Business School showed that subjects’ attractions to online dating profiles were influenced – in this order – by the following: religion (50%), ethnicity (16.6%%), education (10.6%) and political partisanship (9.5%).  Basically, political affiliation has almost the same weight in determining someone’s appeal as his/her education levels.

– Sandra

You Are What You Eat

If you are a giant foodie like me and my co-blogger, you are probably always seeking out new and exciting places to eat. Whether its a new type of cuisine or an interesting presentation, we never stop looking for the next good meal. This article proves that some people are so adventurous in their search for food that they would even eat dirt. This japanese restaurant serves up a menu of dirt including dirt soup, salad with dirt dressing and dirt ice cream for a whopping $110 bucks. Bon Appetite!

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The Harlem Shake

>>How Your Harlem Shake Videos Make Money for the Original Artist<<

If you’ve always wondered how exactly these youtube sensations make thousands of dollars, read the article above to find out. This article presents an interesting perspective that ties together pop culture with business. We as the general public may not view fads like gagnam style or the harlem shake as anything more than a passing craze, but the creators of these videos know a thing or two about a thing or two. 

Another interesting idea that I read elsewhere is how youtube and the internet have revolutionized the popularity of music. Gone are the times when we needed to rely on our local radio station to tell us what the latest hits were. Now music is traveling from the internet to the radio. I think this presents a certain freedom in the way music is created and popularized. In a certain sense it creates equal footing for everyone to get their chance to shine. Even if that chance only lasts up until the next craze begins.