Daddy Issues

I always thought that the age of the mother was critical.  What I never considered was the possibility that the age of the father is, too!  In the field of epigenetics, studies are finding that the father’s life experiences and hardships have an effect on his sperm and, thus, his offspring.

Some highlights:  Older fathers are more likely to pass on genetic mistakes, resulting in autism and psychological disorders in the next generation; men who grew up in famine are more likely to have offspring with diabetes and weight irregularities.

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– Sandra

Programming genes to fight off cancer

Medicine is really amazing.  A 7 year-old girl is in complete remission from the most acute form of leukemia after undergoing an experimental treatment that injected cancer-cell-killing T-cells into her veins.  Basically, they programmed her own cells to kill cancer.  What’s amazing is that it WORKED.  This is after she had already exhausted all of her other options, including exhaustive chemotherapy.

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This procedure was first developed and applied to adult cancer patients last year.  More details here:

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– Sandra