What’s your story?

A good friend of mine was telling me about how she had heard a talk on  the power of storytelling a few weeks ago. I found the topic intriguing,especially since I have always struggled with telling stories in a way which both gets the point across and manages to captivate the audience throughout. I think this is a key skill to have since the success of any product/service/person comes down to how well its been marketed. And how do you market something effectively? By telling your story in a way which makes the audience believe what you want them to believe.

According to this article these are the key things to keep in mind while developing a good story:

■ Know who your audience is.

■ Have a beginning, middle and end. (That sounds obvious, but people often forget that.)

■ Use concrete details and personal experience.

■ Don’t self-censor.

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The Harlem Shake

>>How Your Harlem Shake Videos Make Money for the Original Artist<<

If you’ve always wondered how exactly these youtube sensations make thousands of dollars, read the article above to find out. This article presents an interesting perspective that ties together pop culture with business. We as the general public may not view fads like gagnam style or the harlem shake as anything more than a passing craze, but the creators of these videos know a thing or two about a thing or two. 

Another interesting idea that I read elsewhere is how youtube and the internet have revolutionized the popularity of music. Gone are the times when we needed to rely on our local radio station to tell us what the latest hits were. Now music is traveling from the internet to the radio. I think this presents a certain freedom in the way music is created and popularized. In a certain sense it creates equal footing for everyone to get their chance to shine. Even if that chance only lasts up until the next craze begins.